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Who Are Your Best Customers?

Building a database is not difficult. Making money with a database is the real challenge. Keeping it going, building relationships with customers, reducing attrition, increasing sales over a multiyear period have proved to be very difficult for some, while others have mastered the art.
Arthur M. Hughes

The fundamental building blocks of effective database marketing state: market to the people who are most likely respond to your campaigns, and target those who might respond most profitably. Don't waste time and money on anything else.

KeyMotive, a direct marketing company specializing in the automotive aftermarket service industry, has been doing just that for its customers since 2008. Using advanced statistical modeling, we're able to make solid conclusions/predictions about who is in need of what you're offering, and who are the ones that will most likely respond to your marketing efforts based on their geographic, psychographic and past purchasing behaviors.

While our competitors tend to be backed by venture capitalists and other investors who need quick returns on their investment, KeyMotive has instead blazed its own trail in the industry, and we've been doing it for a lot longer than they have. We're staffed by industry veterans who have decades of experience in marketing and advertising, and we use the latest technology to offer you a solution that is not only cost-effective but one that also produces significant and measurable results.

Walking the Walk - it's a phrase we use frequently here at the office. It means we don't overwhelm you with the latest marketing buzz words, without having any idea what they mean (*cough* like our competitors do *cough*). We have a lot  of experience, and we don't mind sharing it with our customers, large and small. Our platform is adaptable and dynamic, meaning you won't get a "cookie cutter" or a "one size fits all" solution, but rather one that is custom-tailered to you, your business and your marketing needs. Using this approach, we're able to then tweak it anytime in the future to set/achieve new goals. Because, obviously, when you win, then we win.

"That's great, but what can you do for my new location? I don't have much of a customer base yet to market to, and I'm looking to grow there." Great! Using time-honored strategies like "copying your best customers" we dig into the behaviors and geographic makeups of the customers you do have and we find others in the surrounding area who "look" and "behave" just like them. In this context, the terms "look" and "behave" are marketing terms, meaning that we know the traits and attributes that define your best customers, and we rely on strategies like "birds of a feather tend to flock together" to find others just like them in your trade area. There are other techniques we use, too, but this is getting long already so let's just leave behind that small taste for now.

Since marketing is only half the day's work, we also have an extensive array of reports that will keep you updated about how your business is performing. Comparing year over year trends across key performance indicators, you'll have a clear picture about how well you're doing compared to this same period last year. A multitude of facts are analyzed (e.g. total revenue, number of tires sold, average ticket price, cars per day, new customers per day, repeat customers per day, etc) and are presented in a concise and easy to understand manner. And we literally have a report showing who your best customers are, and why we think they're superstars! Like I said earlier, Walking the Walk.

Our reports are fast, and they look great on virtually all of your devices. Most can easily be exported, too, and dropped into that presentation for next week's store manager's meeting! Versatility and usability, common words in the theme describing the type of experience you're sure to have with us.

If you're not yet a customer of ours, contact us today! Especially if your current vendor tends to flood your conversations with buzz words to hide the fact that they can't Walk the Walk. I'm sure you'll like what you hear, and I'm doubly sure you'll like what it costs!


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