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Do you publish a newsletter?

Occasionally, we come across a website that has some really useful content for car owners, and we pass those sites on to our customers so they can use the information to help their customers as well.

We've all had had a customer who asks, "why do I need XYZ service on my car?" Including these tidbits in an occasional newsletter to your customers will go a long way to answering those questions for them.

Remember to always credit your source, and/or get advance permission before using another person's content. And most importantly, make sure your newsletters are CAN-SPAM compliant.

Here are a few sites we've recently discovered and enjoyed reading, take a look and see if there's something useful for your customers!

Humble Mechanic - Videos, podcasts, articles and more - great content tailored for both automotive professionals and weekend enthusiasts.

BA Auto Care - Long-time auto service shop in Maryland that is very popular with its customers.

By the way, if you are not publishing a newsletter already, give us a call to help you start. We have controls in place to ensure only one email address per household is included, and we regularly cleanse the list and automatically handle opt-outs and bounces. Best of all, you can track the performance of your newsletters to see how many of your customers are reading them and engaging with them! It's a good barometer of what your customers do and don't find valuable.

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