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Does your marketing seem to look like everyone else's?

If your marketing seems to look like your competitors, then your marketing partner is probably saving money (also known as "cutting corners") by using the same approach across all of their customers.

That, of course, is not the KeyMotive way.

We've been serving the automotive service industry since the day we were formed - and many here have been doing it even longer. We know what a ball joint is, we know how critical a tie rod is to a car's suspension, and we have a knack for getting your customers to come in and trust you to do the service that's needed on their cars.

Some agencies charge extra just to do simple things like place your logo on your marketing pieces. Why should you pay more to have your advertising align with established branding and strategy?!

We don't use a "one size fits all" strategy - your messaging will be custom to you, your creative will be distinct from others in your market, and rest assured that you'll have the ability to tweak whatever you want anytime.

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