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Welcome to KeyMotive!

KeyMotive is a marketing services company specializing in targeted direct mail marketing to increase both customer retention as well as new customer acquisition in various business industries.

Offering programs specifically targeted to increasing your business, we are your one-stop shop for all of your direct marketing needs.

Using your customers' transaction history, our statistical predictive models determine when one of your customers is in the market for one of your products or services.

After the sale, extensive reporting is available to show the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Multi-channel marketing
We provide all direct marketing services, specializing in targeted and even one-to-one marketing to your customers. While this might include sending out service reminders on standard-sized postcards, we also have additional media options available, such as letters, small brochures, newsletters, jumbo postcards and even Email and SMS/EMS (text messaging).

Many Creative Options Available
We have an extensive library of art work you can use in your marketing messages. Interested in something different? We also offer custom creative services to fit the mood and theme of the message you want to send!

Data Conversion Specialists
We work directly with several popular Point of Sale systems (including Mitchell, NAPA Tracs, Auto Repair Boss, and VAST just to name a few). For cases where we're not yet familiar with your POS system, if you can export your transactional data, we can work with it! Our IT staff will work with your POS vendor to make the data extraction process as easy as possible for you.

Extensive Reporting and Analytics
All of our programs include back-end analysis and reporting. This allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns, and allows you to analyze the factors that influence your business the most, such as seasonality and price.

Personal Customer Service
While you'll be able to use our website portal to accomplish most of the tasks relating to your account, you'll still have full access to our customer service staff - personal and friendly people dedicated to helping you with whatever issues or questions you may have.

Why Direct Mail?

One of direct mail's biggest advantages is its ability to make personal one-to-one contact with your customer or potential customer. Consider these other reasons when deciding whether to use direct mail:

  • Quick to produce. You can prepare and mail a promotion within days. Direct mail is perfect for quickly testing prices, offers, and potential audiences. You have complete control over the media, the audience, and your offer.
  • Quicker response. Not only is direct mail quicker to prepare, but response time to direct mail is usually quicker as well. You can project the final results of a mailing quickly and accurately. You can build an advertising campaign with more confidence by testing small lists, then building to larger lists.
  • Highly targeted. Using carefully developed criteria, you can target your mailings more selectively than you can with most other media. You can reach almost any market segment, buyer profile, or area of your trade market you feel is most appropriate for your message.
  • Less competition. Your advertising message does not have to compete with other advertising messages. And, your competitors are less likely to know your current strategy.
  • More personal. Your customers will receive a mail piece addressed to them, and can include such things as your service manager's name and picture on it as well, inviting them to come in to see the latest products or take advantage of special offers on services that they're in need of. Make mention of previous visits to your service shop, or specific items of interest relating to their vehicle - it's all possible with direct mail!
  • Enhance newspaper or other mass type of advertising. Build on customer and brand awareness by complimenting your other advertising with the impact of targeted mail.
  • Easy to respond to. The inclusion of a special offer specifically for the services or products your customers are in need of at that particular time makes it convenient for them to respond. Many of them will come to rely on these cards as a way of reminding them that they need a particular service performed!
  • List of loyal customers. Direct mail allows you to build and maintain a list of of your most loyal customers, and continue to communicate with them in future direct mail campaigns.

Contact us now to find out you can benefit from direct mail's many advantages!


What am I buying?

You are paying for us to execute your direct marketing campaigns. Included in our price are the following services:

  • Conversion of your point-of-sale data, for integration into our relational database system.
  • Standardization, verification and overall cleansing of your customers' address information.
  • Formation of household-level and vehicle-level statistics which drive the predictiveness of our models when selecting who to mail to.
  • NCOA (national change of address) database processing for all of your customers. This will allow us to remove those customers who have recently moved out of your trade area.
  • Creation and ongoing maintenance of a "do not mail" list, to remove those customers who indicate to you that they'd rather not receive your offers.
  • Advanced selection processing, using the latest in statistical engineering to predict which of your customers are 'in market' for your products and services, and, among those, who are most likely to respond to your campaign.
  • Use of our many highly-effective design templates, or if you prefer, reasonable consultation time with one of our designers to create a custom campaign piece tailored specifically to your message.
  • Full color printing of your mail pieces on high-quality stock.
  • Campaign Performance reporting, showing who was mailed, with analysis of their transactional data within the offer period, to come up with an overall Return on Investment for each campaign.
  • Access to our online portal, which gives you historical data on past campaigns as well as allows you manage future enrollment levels for all of your locations in one convenient spot.
  • Access to our Business Reporting System, which gives you useful information such as car count by day per location. These reports are essential background items to help you decide what your marketing message should be, and at what levels you should commit each location to.

Our products and services represent the greatest value in our industry. Cutting-edge technology along with very low overhead allows us to provide you a fully customized solution tailored to give you the greatest "bang for your buck." We also offer a full satisfaction guarantee!

Volume discounts are available - please contact us for a quote!

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Compatible Point of Sale Systems

ALLDATA Service Center
ASA TireMaster Enterprise
ASA TreadX
Auto Repair Boss
Auto Shop Writer
Auto System Works
AutoBiz TABS
AutoTrack Pro
Blue Collar Software
DealerTrax Shop Manager
Genesis Four
Madden Co Inc.
Mitchell 1
Mitchell 1 Manager SE/Plus
Motor Ware
My Repair Shop
Napa Tracs
QuickTouch by Sage
R.O. Writer
Repair Manager
SellWise by CAP Software
Shop Controller
ShopKey Pro
Take Charge
Tekmetric    * New! *
Tire Guru
Tire Power by TCS Technologies
TireShop (FreedomSoft)
Turbo Mac Windows
VAST Enterprise
VAST Online
KeyMotive ETL

Even if your point of sale system is not listed, chances are we can still work with your data!

We'll work with your point of sale company to investigate ways of extracting your data for you!

Frequently-Asked Questions

I have an agency that controls my marketing spend. Can you work with them?

Absolutely! Many of our larger customers have relationships with agencies who we work with to determine marketing levels at various times of year. Some of these agencies coordinate the theme of the marketing messages, while others control virtually every aspect of the marketing campaigns, to supplement other forms of advertising going on at the same time (TV, radio, newspaper, ADVO/Valassis, etc).

What do I need to know before starting with you?

One of the most helpful pieces of information to us is What have you done in the past, and how well did it work?

When it comes to marketing, the best approach is to gain as much of an understanding of your current customer base as possible, and then set out on a strategy to increase that customer base with non-customers or former customers. Understanding what it is that makes your existing customers loyal goes a long way towards bringing new customers in and converting those valuable new customers into loyal customers as well.

For example, during our initial analysis of your transactional data, we'll illustrate parts of the year where your business traditionally ebbs and flows. Understanding this seasonality will allow for a solid marketing approach aimed at growing your business year-round.

I don't have a customer database right now.. do I need one?

No, you don't! KeyMotive will build a customer database for you, and will analyze for various behavior patterns in your transactional history. Identifying these patterns is key, and associating them to your householded data will continue to allow you to send a consistent and productive message to your customers.

Can't I just do this myself?

Of course you can - but by doing that, understand that you need to pay for postage, plus the supplies needed to print and address the postcards to your customers. Identifying who you should mail to is important, and accounting for the manpower needed to print labels and affix postage to each postcard can turn into quite an exercise!

On your behalf, we'll send out postcards on high-quality thick paper glossy stock, using a full color design theme that you've helped create. These cards are consistent with your brand image, and can include your logo as well as logos of some of the products that you sell. There's usually a message to your customers on each card, indicating to them why they're receiving the postcard as well.

Also remember that we fully standardize your customers' addresses, we group all of your customers' data together by household (to ensure that multiple cards don't get sent to the same household in a given month), and we process your customers' addresses through NCOA (the USPS national change of address database) each month. We also manage an "opt out" list for your customers, in case you have some customers who would prefer to be excluded from your campaigns. This is all included in your price!

Don't forget about the extensive reporting that is also included! Naturally, you'll see ROI reports for every campaign we execute for you... but we also give you reports and analytics you may not presently have, or may be constructing manually yourself. These reports cover a wide range of key performance indicators - and are updated as frequently as once a day! (Yes, this is included in your price!)

We have over 33 years of experience in the direct marketing industry - take advantage of that experience by contacting us today!